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Return Policy



    Note:  We do not pay for shipping replacement parts but will refund original shipping for parts shipped in error, damaged, lost etc.  Upgrading shipping is available but is the responsibility of the buyer.

    You received the wrong part (AKA mispicked part):

    If we send you something other than what you ordered.  Of course we pay to bring it back and send you the right one at our expense.  NOTE: Honda part numbers do change (supersede) from time to time, in these cases we may send you a different number than you order but the part will be the same.  

    The procedure is as follows:  First, we will send you a UPS return label so you can return the mispicked part.  You can choose from the following on how and when to receive the correct part

    1) Once the part arrives here we will ship the replacement.

    2) You can place a new order for the replacement part and once the mispicked part arrives here we refund the price of the part and its associated original shipping charges.

    You received a damaged part

    If you receive something DAMAGED please notify us immediately.  Don't bother calling UPS of FEDEX, we will take care of that for you.  What we do need you to do is, assuming you are there to sign for the package, and you see the box is damaged, make sure you get the carrier to note that the it is damaged.  Then contact us.  We do need to hear from you within 48 hours of delivery to make a claim with the carrier, so don't wait too long.  If we need the part back we will pay to have it returned to us.  If you want a replacement sent right away you will need to reorder the package while the damage claim is processed, this can take 2-10 business days.  Once it is concluded we refund the price of the damaged item(s) and the associated freight.

    You received a defective part

    WARRANTY:  If a part is defective the Honda warranty is 12 months from date of purchase.   If a part is defective it can be warrantied at any Honda dealer.  Bring the part and your invoice to a dealer and the dealer must do a spare part, over the counter warranty.  Some dealers will try to tell you they only cover parts they sell, this is not true. This assumes the part is truly defective and not damaged or faulty due to installation error etc.  If they refuse you can contact Honda customer service at 1-800-999-1009.  If you want us to warranty the part you will need to place an order for the replacement part and then ship defective part back.  We do not pay shipping to and from on defective parts since they can be warrantied at local Honda dealers coast to coast. 

    Your order was lost in transit:

    You will be notified by email as the order is shipped and when it is delivered, as well if anything goes wrong in transit, UNLESS the package is lost in which case they may not make a notification so if your package is overdue please email us right away. 

    If the carrier LOSES YOUR PACKAGE we suggest you re-place your order so you don't have to wait for the trace (takes up to 8-10 business days) your new choice of shipping is yours and upgrades are not our responsibility.  In any case of lost packages no monies will be refunded until the carrier has completed their investigation.  Once the trace is concluded, and the carrier acknowledges the package is lost or if they find the package and return it to us then we will refund the original order in its entirety, including freight.   If the carrier delivers the original package to you then you should refuse it.  If you accept it then no refund will be awarded.


    Restocking Fees:  We charge a 20% restocking fee on all returns.  In order to process your order we incur expenses, if parts are returned we need to charge a restocking fee to pay those expenses and the expense of processing the return.   While rare we reserve the right to charge up to 10.00 more if the part is not returned in its original packaging or in packaging that is not acceptable for resale to cover the costs of repackaging and relabeling the part(s).  Such examples would be a bag ripped apart and not resealable or a box with the flaps ripped off, defaced labels etc. 

    There is no return on the following parts or condition of parts

    • Parts that are installed, damaged (except as damaged by a freight carrier),
    • Part received by you over 30 days ago,
    • Electrical part of any kind except in the case where we deem them uninstalled or the part is in a factory sealed bag.
    • Parts must be in brand new, undamaged, clean, uninstalled, and resalable condition. 
    • Any kits must be complete.
    • All original factory packaging must be intact and returned with the part (ie bagged parts must have bag, boxed parts must have box etc).
    • There are no returns on seat belts, or seat belt buckles of any kind.
    • Any parts ordered WITHOUT a VIN are not returnable. 

    CORE RETURNS:  All core returns, when required to be returned, must be in the box we sent it in, be a Honda core (not aftermarket core), complete, undamaged and fully assembled.  All caps, covers etc. that may cover any holes must be taken off the new unit and used to plug the old unit.  Any moving parts such as pulleys or starter gears must spin.  If the new unit was in a bag it must be returned with the bag.  Return shipping expense if the customers responsibility.  There is no restocking fee on cores.

    Refused/Undeliverable Packages: Any refused/undeliverable packages will be credited for the sale price of the part(s) (original shipping charges are not refundable) less a 20% restocking fee and return freight charges.

    Return Instructions:

    • Contact us via email for approval and an return authorization number  (To contact us via email go to your order confirmation and reply to the email).
    • Please include a copy of your order confirmation email and the return authorization email inside the package indicating the part(s) you are returning. 
    • All returns must be shipped back to us. Absolutely no returns directly to store via walk-in.  
    • If you are  not sure how to package items being returned to avoid transportation damage, please take items to your local UPS Store ( UPS store locator URL https://www.ups.com/dropoff?loc=en_us ) or the US Post Office for proper packaging
    • Use a carrier such as UPS or FedEx that has tracking numbers and insurance if needed as we can't be responsible for lost or damaged returns.  
    • All returns should be shipped to:
    • Honda car Parts Direct
    • 299 Littleton Rd
    • Westford Ma 01886