Why Choose OEM Parts?

Aftermarket parts, otherwise known as factory parts, have been a boon to many would be home based mechanics who seek to save a dollar or two by performing the repairs on their own vehicle. Aftermarket parts have been a big help to the average consumer who does not have the level of expertise in choosing a workable, acceptable part for whatever project he may have in mind. While your purists will often insist on OEM parts, otherwise known as original equipment manufactured parts for their ride, the large majority of both types, including oem Honda parts online, can be perused and ordered from the comfort of your home or office.

Original Equipment Manufactured Parts versus Aftermarket Parts: The Difference and Why It Matters To You.

There was a time, and this time is rapidly becoming a part of history, that there were no parts available for your vehicle except for the ones directly from the manufacturer. There was no way you could get what is now known as "aftermarket" parts. These are those anonymous, generic brand parts sold by Auto Zone or NAPA, that are so widespread in most independent body shops or auto supply shops today. In the Golden Age, it wasn't such an easy thing to get any part that fit most makes and would work for yours and a dozen others. In the old days, you had to get parts for your Ford from Ford, or your Camaro parts from their manufacturer. But, in so doing, you could pretty much rest easy that the part you ordered would be the perfect match for what you needed.

Nowadays, there is such a wide variety of aftermarket parts available from such a diverse number of manufacturers for these parts that now it may be a bit of a coin toss. While it can be argued that typically, the aftermarket part can and often does surpass the quality of any given original equipment part, the reverse can also be true. The reverse can also be true of aftermarket parts. Quality is often as good or even better than OEM quality, but sometimes too, the quality of an aftermarket can be not so good. The proliferation of aftermarket producing interests has made it somewhat difficult for the average do-it-yourself mechanic to make an educated choice in the part he needs to complete his project. It doesn't help matters that the aftermarket part is, these days, the rule rather than the exception. Dozens of companies exist whose sole purpose is the production of aftermarket parts. Many times, their put-out is equal or even superior to the original. But this is not always obvious to figure out with every single part that is out there. If you aren't sure and you happen to be seeking parts for a Honda, the folks at "Honda Car Parts Direct" will lead you in the right direction if you are unsure. Barring that, a friendly inquiry at most parts shops or independent body shops will enlighten you.